Now in its fourth year, Le Video Game is a podcast that dares to stop playing games about electronic entertainment.

Host Eric Martin investigates games and technology as they intersect with culture, politics, military, and commerce - providing laughs and commentary with features such as Depress Releases, Games from the Open Market, The Political Game, songs, sketches, and more.


November 6, 2010

A new episode every other Monday.

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November 6, 2010

#121 - Deep and Wide into Christian Retailers
October 15, 2010
Unfortunately-worded Depress Releases from Left Behind Games, make your mind-body connection vomit with news of a Deepak Chopra video game, and fail to be surprised by EA Games removing the playable Taliban characters from Medal of Honor.

#120 - Massively Multiplayer Michael Jackson
September 30, 2010
There is a depress release in this episode announcing the creation of a Michael Jackson virtual world, where you can do odd jobs. Wonder how many babysitters there will be? Also, another Situation with the Jersey Shore iphone app, the imminent end times, including the discovery of the first computer virus that can blow up the world.

#119 - LIttle Red Riding Hood Zombie BBQ
September 15, 2010
The best depress release of the year is here, and English is clearly a second language for the writer. Plus - Fox News, the Big Lebowski, and North Korea. What's the connection? Listen and find out. And stories of how Skynet is becoming more self-aware every day... until Judgment Day.

#118 - The Bible: The Video Game
September 1, 2010
What if a company retitled the book of Genesis "Chapter 1: The Heroes" and made it a PC game about keeping your budget in the black? Isn't the Old Testament God kind of an ornery fellow? Why would you want to piss him off? Also, here's a protip for the new Michael Jackson: The Video Game - just beat it! And finally, there is a real hotel for your virtual girlfriends.

#117 - Rush'n Attack
August 17, 2010
The Le Video Game studio is visited by special guests from Konami Digital Entertainment, producer Andy Pan, and associate producer James Wong. They stop by to discuss their upcoming new game Rush'n Attack: Ex Patriot, as well as their history in the biz, including games like Puzzle Chronicles and the original Puzzle Quest. All this, plus regular features like Depress Releases and Wargames - you don't want to miss this one!

#116 - Jersey Shore: The Video Game
August 3, 2010
There is a situation here. It is a video game on facebook to promote the 2nd season premiere of the Jersey Shore program. It's a social game, too, which means you can engage in elegant discourse across the internet and share the latest scientific advances with your colleagues. Or, you can spend real money to fake tan. Either way. This story and more awaits!

#115 - Chortle Kombat
July 21, 2010
Your host flies to New York to see two guys battle each other in Mortal Kombat using classical guitars as controllers. That's not why he went to New York, actually, but he's glad he saw it. Plus stories of sexist, depressing Flight Attendant video games (really) and more!

#114 - Kill This Employee
July 6, 2010
Six Flags unveils a game that lets people maim and kill each other's Six Flags theme park costumed characters over Facebook. This makes me very concerned for people who work there in a fuzzy outfit. Also, stories of China, and airbending.

#113 - Pac-Man is Chomping Racists Now
June 22, 2010
This episode features lurid stories from the E3 show floor and Cirque du Soleil infomercial, the return of the Bus Driver game, and politicians finally prove video games make people violent. All this plus more Left Behind Games, and Pac-Man's new hunger for gobbling up social problems.

#112 - Don't Forget Our Little Show
June 9, 2010
It's the little podcast that could! Enjoy more stories from the darkest corners of the virtual world, in the show that is not This American Wife. Seriously, though, go listen to "This American Wife."

#111 - Rectum? Nearly Killed 'Em
May 24, 2010
Our fifth year of the show begins with a heartwarming story of a little shooting game that could... could be as offensive as possible, while still receiving an educational grant from the British government. Plus, a depress release that reads like an epic tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

#110 - Four Whole Years
May 11, 2010
It's the fourth anniversary episode of the Le Video Game podcast, featuring a very special guest! We invite comedian Paul Jay into the studio to read some of your letters, and he accepted. Also, stories about Gameboy bomb scares, odd new Boy Scout badges, and biting your own mother. Enjoy!

#109 - Dead Man Walking
April 26, 2010
A material witness in a criminal case is threatened over Xbox Live. Also, more atrocities from Capri Sun's advertising team, marketing gone violently wrong in New Zealand, and finding weed in your 4-year-old's video games. Listen to the penultimate episode of the 3rd year of the show, and send your emails of love and regret to

#108 - Respect the Pouch
April 13, 2010
More advergame atrocities from Capri Sun, as little boys are repeatedly stabbed and little girls are violently transformed into walking novelty anuses as retaliation for failing to properly respect the popular drink product from Kraft Foods. I'm sure somebody thought it was a great idea.

#107 - Capri Sun Wants To Kill Your Children
March 30, 2010
Capri Sun unveils a sadistic new virtual world full of advergames that abuse, maim, humiliate, and kill children who do not respect the pouch. It's like a gift from heaven. Also, inside the new service that lets gamers play with girls online... for a dollar a minute.

#106 - Playing Chicken
March 15, 2010
Now you can play the Left Behind Rapture video game at your local Chick-Fil-A restaurant, where you can kill or convert non-Christians while eating delicious chicken! If you'd rather stay at home, the good people of Old El Paso will have you play El Tacodor, the only game for Family Taco Night. Either way, stuff it!

#105 - I Got a New Microphone
March 1, 2010
Boy does this episode sound good. Listen to amazing stories about Left Behind Games, young conservatives chillaxing with video games and the hip hop, and so much more. Buttery!

#104 - Captain Condom vs. The Sperminator
February 16, 2010
This week, schoolchildren of Canada create a sex ed game featuring an emission-spewing villain called the Sperminator, the makers of Dante's Inferno tease a Macbeth video game, and the Army creates an augmented reality game that ties your child's love of NASCAR into an appreciation for the army's sweet new rides. It's like The Hurt Locker, only lots of fun!

#103 - Roll for Free Speech Check
February 2, 2010
Dante's Inferno and talking babies take you to hell at this year's Superbowl, more virtual trucking games are inexplicably released, and Dungeons and Dragons is not free speech.

#102 - You Never Give Me Your Money
January 19, 2010
The Beatles: Rock Band is underperforming in sales, and the music game genre as a whole is starting to tank. Also, read the new Dante's Inferno book, based on the popular new video game!

#101 - Love Bites
January 4, 2010
Def Leppard is making a video game. Also, allied forces are using iphone apps to line up their sniper shots on the battlefield, for reals. Also, now you can play video games with your shoe.

#100 - The 4th Annual Year in Replay
December 23, 2009
This is it folks. 100 episodes in the can. As if that weren't special enough, it's also the 4th Annual Year in Replay episode, featuring the best stories, skits, and more from 2009. Plus new stories on the bad part of town in Farmville, the Nyquil Nation, and the bookless streets of Laredo.

#99 - Hot Dirty Sex for Christmas
December 7, 2009
Conservative Christian website World Net Daily takes unusual glee in reporting hot dirty gay sex in fantasy game Dragon Age: Origins. Also, REO Speedwagon make a video game. No, really.

#98 - Keep On Lovin' You
November 23, 2009
A man marries his dating simulator girlfriend and takes her (aka his Nintendo DS) to Guam for their honeymoon. Things are not much better in Denmark (in fact, something is rotten in the state of Denmark), where a government agency would have you play the "Hit the Bitch" advergame, where you physically beat a woman to the ground in order to learn about domestic violence.

Special Edition: Dateline Europe
November 9, 2009
A very special international episode of the podcast finds your host in London, England, preparing to enter the Chunnel for the very first time. But first, depress releases and stories about China and smoking. Back in two weeks for our regularly scheduled programming.

#97 - You Got Misogyny in My Energy Drink
October 28, 2009
Play the Amp Energy Drink iphone app, publicly humiliate women, then apologize about it on Twitter. Welcome to the sad, sad future! Plus stories on the virtual border and how the French like to kill each other. Zut alors!

#96 - Peeping Tom Edition
October 13, 2009
Maybe bundling working night-vision goggles with a war video game wasn't such a good idea. Also, Cyberbike provides sweaty virtual fun for the whole family, and thrill to China's virtual trade war.

#95 - A Very Musical Episode 3
September 29, 2009
It's that time of year - with outside projects looming large, Le Video Game has another very special episode, aka time-saving clip show, featuring some of the least dubious songs from the last year, plus all-new stories on addiction, drugs, and financial football. Goal!

#94 - Smells Like Axe Spray or Teen Spirit
September 15, 2009
Courtney Love gets a little upset about her late husband virtually singing Bon Jovi songs, the Japanese play Axe Body Spray horror games, and the Army doesn't need to put any more violent video game centers in your local mall because the recession is doing all the recruiting for them now, thank you very much!

#93 - Shove It Up the Monster Butt
September 1, 2009
The date that Dante's Inferno staggers on to retail shelves is communicated via depress release, featuring much more authors of epic poems being inserted into dog anuses than previously suspected. Also, the United Kingdom descends into lawlessness, and Doritos offers gamers a special chance to be creative. In an unrelated story, gamers tend to be fat and depressed.

#92 - Take One for the Team
August 17, 2009
This week - Yoko Ono tries to break up the band again, Michael Vick ruins dogs and hot wings equally, and China has an unseemly habit of beating game addicts to death. All this, plus depress releases about flight attendant, prison, and chipmunk video games.

#91 - Sin to Win
August 3, 2009
This week on the show - EA invites men to sexually harass booth babes at conventions to score a night of implied sex with company prostitutes, all to pimp their game based on an epic poem about hell. Needless to say, it backfired. Also, car surfing, virtual justice, and “booyah moments.”

#90 - The Oak Ridge Boys are Terrorists
July 22, 2009
This week - some Oak Ridge Boys bring portable gaming devices into a restricted nuclear facility. Also, electric shock therapy, North Korean cyberwar, and virtual tractor driving. Enjoy the podcast on itunes or direct at Give us twenty minutes, we'll give you the darkest corners of the virtual world.

#89 - Name Our Holes
July 6, 2009
This week - Hardee's wants you to come up with a name for their dark biscuit holes drizzled with icing, ensuring breakfast will never be the same. Also, virtual Dr. Pepper, praying for Christian games, snitching on South Koreans, and cracking down on China's virtual economy.

#88 - It's My Birthday (It's Not My Birthday)
June 22, 2009
This week, the most depressing depress release so far, with the unleashing of a virtual birthday party for kids that got a Wii back in the day, but are now too poor to get a few tables at McDonalds and some hats. Also, President Obama laments our loser children, Iranians out of Second Life and into real life, and swarms of suicide bomber insects controlled by a recent high-school graduate. Welcome to the future.

#87 - Hellfire and Damnation
June 8, 2009
Electronic Arts tempts fate by creating a revised set of Ten Commandments to promote a game about playing God, and also recruits fake Christian protestors to promote a game based on an epic poem about hell. Plus, one billion Hindus can't be wrong, the cancellation of the Guantanamo game, and why playing with carbon monoxide isn't the best disaster relief option.

#86 - Three Whole Years
May 26, 2009
Come celebrate three years of Le Video Game at the new, launching June 1! This week: prisoners running criminal empires through their Playstations, dubious iphone and pc games about sluts and pimps, and the glorious return of Left Behind Games - get ready to be raptured out of your boots!

#85 - Mayor McCheese Drinks It Too
May 11, 2009
This week on the podcast, McDonald's spends $100 million on advergames to promote its new large buckets of caffeinated whipped cream and chocolate, Pakistan wants our video game killers, the iPhone becomes a Pacific Islander murder simulator, and I remember you well in the Virtual Chelsea Hotel.

#84 - Shake That Baby
April 27, 2009
This week, Six Days in Fallujah makes a hard man humble, as the controversial game is halted in development. Speaking of being halted in development, Apple smothers its Baby Shaking iphone application, and Dairy Queen takes its place. I was going to say listen and it will all make sense, but it won't.

#83 - Judge, Judy, and Executioner
April 13, 2009
This week, daytime TV's Judge Mathis talks up his game about prison rape, EA makes a cartoon about their video game about an epic poem when they're not sending illegal weapons through interstate mail, and Pakistan wants our video game killers for their own. This must be true because nobody could make this up.

#82 - Virtual Trucker Speed
March 30, 2009
This week features amazing depress releases for games about Guantanamo Bay, European commercial truck driving, and official league virtual darts (hint: only one of these games isn't about torture). Also, Microsoft doesn't appear to know what to do with gays, and the virtual war expands further into Pakistan.

#81 - Take Me Out to the Video Game
March 16, 2009
This week - Topps hits us with virtual 3D baseball cards, but no word on whether the chalky stick of bubble gum will made the digital leap as well. Plus racism in Resident Evil, video gamer drone killers in Afghanistan, and beating Chuck E. Cheese about the face.

#80 - The Lost Episode
March 3, 2009
Okay - we're back. However, the internet is still broken, so please search harder for us. It will be worth it, because here you will find the very worst stories from the last four weeks, including tales of virtual rape, virtual bank errors, and virtual sports stars selling real gaming shaving utensils. No really!

#79 - All Babies Love Islam and Marketing
February 2, 2009
This week - Islam-loving babies, Russian Playstation spies, SimAfghanistan, Thailand royalty poop games, and American child soldiers. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention marketing to 2-year-olds and "urban youths" with fried chicken using video games. Get a high score in moral outrage!

#78 - World of Buck Hunter Pro-craft
January 20, 2009
This week on the show, the Army tries to virtually replace your dead soldier parents while simultaneously recruiting you at the mall with video games. Plus a massively multiplayer online buck hunting game, and maybe, just maybe, hope and change.

#77 - Make a Run for the Border
January 6, 2009
This week - become a virtual deputy and get real people really arrested, all in the comfort of your bathrobe. Also, Iran is rated M for Making Stuff Up, Sony gets the gay out, and the sexes battle it out while jousting on some Bratz Ponyz.

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